Association Nagib developed out of 10 year lasting International Festival of Contemporary Dance NAGIB, which from 2005 hosted in Maribor young, promising and prominent artists. Nagib was persistent in upgrading and modifying its participatory concept to open up to different authorial aesthetics and artistic processes. The realisation that artistic processes can benefit from a festival platform and that the festival can pave the way to new production forms and not only present those already created were the principles behind the festival’s search for new forms and modes of presentation and creation. The festival was established by a dancer, choreographer and tango dancer Vlasta Veselko. 

In 2014 Nagib Association started with a new story and new programs. By elaborating our participatory concept we established as well the 1. Season of Contemporary Performing Arts called “Nagib on Stage” as a first ever attempt of continuous presentation of contemporary performing arts in Maribor until now. In a local theatre Narodni dom Maribor and throughout the whole year we are presenting extremely intriguing local and international performances and beside hosting stage performances we are running few “side programs”, in terms of reflection and contextualization of contemporary art, such as: “Nagib on Radio”, Critical School Drugajanje and Nagib, “Nagib towards theory”… (more in the presentation of yearly program below).  

The heritage of Nagib as a festival and which we are still trying to maintain, is supporting artists and their creative processes. From 2013 – 2015 this was realized underneath research / residency exchange between three countires Australia, Slovenia and Croatia (for more check:

In 2015 the leader of Nagib programm and director of the association Petra Hazabent, received a national award Ksenija Hribar, for special achievement in the field of Slovene Contemporary Performing Arts in the producer category, awarded at the 7th Slovene Bienale of Contemporary Performing Arts Gibanica.


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Program of every season (from beginning until now)



The stage as a plaster, as a reflection of the present moment, as “first aid” for the non-institutional culture and art in Maribor. From September 2014 to June 2015, “Nagib on Stage” will organise at Narodni dom monthly presentations of some extremely intriguing contemporary performing art performances, thus aiming to fill the artistic and spatial lack recognised in this space.

Preparations for the first season of the new art programme in Maribor will take place from 25 August to 6 September, when a ten day incubator for young makers from Slovenia (April Veselko, Ajda Tomazin, Jan Rozman, Alja Ferjan and Katja Kosi) and abroad (Fingersix collective – Marta Navaridas/ES, Dani Brown/US and Sofia Marvagani/GR, Jess Devereux and Zaimon Vilmanis/AU and Josipa Bubaš/CRO) will take place. The incubator is guided by the logic of supporting and connecting artists of different generations through their artistic processes and presents an opportunity for concentrated and in-depth work. We will get an insight into the artists’ creative work at the concluding event with a working title” Event in the City” (5 September), which will be directed by a young director Simon Belak/SLO selected in collaboration with Glej Theatre. The concept of the incubator is further upgraded with the programme Nagib on Stage, which will throughout the season also present the final products of the young artists.


We are announcing the beginning of the first season, with the opening performance Love’s End on 6 September 2014 at the Small stage in Narodni dom, featuring the masters of stage art Pia Zemljič and Marko Mandić and directed by Ivica Buljan (Mini Theatre).

Other performances of the 1. season :

Assemblies for One Body: Rhiannon Newton (Australia)
Audition for Producers: Ajda Tomazin, Association NagibBut Tomorrow :Katja Kosi, Samo Pečar (music), Association NagibImage Snatchers: Feminalz: Crucial Pink, Mad Jakale, Mathilde Buns, Tristan Bargeld, Frau Strapatz, H. P. D. (Hormonal Perturbator in Decay), Cica-San, Zavod Emanat // in collaboration with Festival Drugajanje / Bunker; LAB: how?: Katja Legin, Barbara Kanc, Barbara Ribnikar, Jan Rozman, Kaja Lorenci, Nataša Živković, Nina Fajdiga Federacija Deluje; Neform 38Tina Dobaj, Daniel Marinič (glasba), Zavod Sploh; Ballet of Revolt: Leja Jurisic & Petra Veber (Pekinpah / Kink Kong)
; This is not a hitMatej Kejžar, Marjan Stanić (live drums), Pekinpah / Kink Kong
 and Sad Sam Lucky: Matija Ferlin, Emanat Zavod.

In the season 2014/2015 we are supporting creative processes and building the foundations for a continuous presentation of high-quality contemporary performances in Maribor. It’s time to end the romantic view on the cultural-artistic production and offer in Maribor and experience contemporary performing practices of and in the present moment. In cooperation with Narodni dom and other Slovene and international makers and producers, we are building the foundations for this to happen.

Production: Association NAGIB 

Coproduction: Narodni dom Maribor

Artistic leader and producer: Petra Hazabent

Texts:Anja Bunderla, Andreja Kopač in Špela Oberstar

Assistance and counselling: Vlasta Veselko, Katja Kosi, Marko Brumen (ND)

Visual design: Matej Jarc

PR: Anja Bunderla

Partners: SiGledal, Britt Guy (AUS – samostojna producentka), Gledališče Glej, Zavod Bunker in Festival Drugajanje, JSKD, DSPS -Festival Gibanica, Mreža sodobnega plesa, …

Support: Ministry of Culture of Republic of Slovenia and Municipality of Maribor




is the first ever attempt of continuous program in the field of Contemporary Performing Arts in Maribor!


In 2015 / 2016 we hosted local and international performances @ National Hall Maribor:
“Latest Notes” by Ann-Christin Berg Kongsness & Ingrid Berger Myhre (NOR)
Everything we’ve lost, while we’ve gone on living” by BETON LTD.: Katarina Stegnar, Primož Bezjak and Branko Jordan (Bunker & ATP Novo Mesto)
“Senzaseno” by Jan Rozman & Alja Ferjan (Pekinpah, Kink Kong)
“Generations” by Tin Grabnar, Ajda Godec, Kim Godec, Žiga Hren, Luka Kuhta in Eneja Urnaut (Inštitut za boljše čase)
“The Battle” by Marta Navaridas & Irina Karamarković (supported by INTPA and AU Forum)


Underneath the 2. Season we also produced 4 radio show as part of our new program “NAGIB on RADIO”, which were created by Alja Lobnik, Katja Kosi & Kaja Kraner.
All shows are available on: (in Slovene).
“Nagib on radio” was also made in collaboration with Radio Cona, Voice of Underground and Radio Maribor!


We also established an informal educational program in the field of contemporary (performing arts) theory as part of our new program “NAGIB toward THEORY”. Lectures and public readings were realized in collaboration with collective SIC and KUD Anarhiv!


Production – Association Nagib

Coproduction – Narodni dom Maribor, Vetrinjski dvor

Artistic leader and producer – Petra Hazabent

Public Relations : Anja Bunderla in Katja Kosi

Design: Ajda Tomazin

Photos: Ramaida Osim

Advising and special thanks : Dualik Street-Fashion in Vlasta Veselko.

Partners – Bunker, Pekarna Magdalenske Mreže, Škratova ČitalnicaKUD Anarhiv, JSKD (Zimska plesna šola), Glas Podzemlja, RadioCona in Radio Maribor.

Financial support: Ministry of Culture RS, INTPA – International Contemporary Performing Arts Network Austria, Austrian Cultural Forum Ljubljana and Municipality of Maribor.





Selected performances and events:


“OPENING JAM” from 20. do 23.9.2016 by and with:

PROMISING! by Loup Abramovici, Tomaž Grom in Janez Janša (Via Negativa, Zavod Sploh)

Radio event as a reflection of the performance Promising! @ Voice of Underground with Alja Lobnik, Kaja Kraner, Katja Kosi and Pia Brezavšček

GENERATIONS by Tin Grabnar, Ajda Godec, Kim Godec, Žiga Hren, Luka Kuhta in Eneja Urnaut (Inštitut za boljše čase)

Discussion about Authors rights in connection with a performance Generations.


November, 22th 2017

ICH KANN NICHT ANDERS” by BETON LTD.: Katarina Stegnar, Primož Bezjak and Branko Jordan (Bunker)


April, 22th 2017

“POIESIS SEBSTVA” by Snježana Premuš


May, 18th 2017

“IDEAL” by Leja Jurišič and Teja Reba


Beside performances we initiated together with Festival Drugajanje (Bunker)

Critical school Drugajanje and Nagib run by Alja Lobnik and Kaja Kraner