Assemblies For One Body

// Thursday, 2.10.2014 // 19.00 // Mali oder // Narodni dom Maribor //

Concept: Rhiannon Newton
Sound: Kynan Tan

ASSEMBLIES FOR ONE BODY (brief program text)

“Assemblies For One Body” is a series of choreographic parameters that examine the role of repetition in dance. Beginning with the question of how is any movement prioritized above any other, Rhiannon works alongside sound collaborator Kynan Tan to demonstrate live systems for constructing choreographed assemblages. The work collects the shared presence of the performance into an unfolding choreography that questions how meaning becomes embedded in a performed action.


ASSEMBLIES FOR ONE BODY (extended description)

‘Assemblies for One Body’ is an examination of the role of repetition in dance. It begins from the question how do movements communicate to an audience; how do they build images, indicate emotions and assert identities.. I am engaged in an inquiry of what function repetition has in perpetuating sedimentary meanings and constructing ‘new’ movement-meaning dichotomies.


With ‘Assemblies for One Body’ I propose a one-minute open field of action for the solo body. I then attempt the undeniably reductive process of repeating that one-minute action with all the detail, abandon and inspiration of the first. Across eighteen minutes a reducing time-mechanism is balanced by an ever-increasing system of repetition. Eventually the body is delivered into an enduring one-second repetition. Descendent of the first dance, this small fragment of action is all that remains. The audience ‘knows’ this action, it floats, abandoned by its former movement counter parts, but remains loaded with the shared history of its emergence.


The work reverses, the time frames increase and the repetitions decrease. The final one-minute dance, lacking in the liberal abandon of the first, is filled with new ‘knowns’. A choreographic process is simulated from unknown to known. The failures of the process and the dancer are visible. The loss of information and qualitative detail is devastating. But the audience is rewarded with the systematic locality of the dance, clearly oriented in it’s own history and imminent disappearance.
‘Assemblies For One Body’ is partnered with a sound installation created by Kynan Tan. The installation of 8 sub-woofers piled mid space is an independent system of minimal, highly physical sound. Teetering between audible and inaudible, a singular sine-tone brings the speakers into shuddering presence, at times outweighing the moving body in their shear physicality, before returning to a dormant, silent counterpart.


About artists

Rhiannon Newton //
Rhiannon is a dance artist with an independent choreography and performance practice centered by an ongoing investigation of improvisation methodologies, solo performance and the role of repetition in dance. Her career spans dance contracts, research residencies, interdisciplinary collaborations, choreographic developments and presentations in Europe, Israel, New York and Australia. Currently based in Sydney, Australia she has recently been in residence at the Critical Path, undertaken “Outcomes” with choreographer Angela Goh and participated in SEAM2013. She also recently received an AusdanceNSW DAIR residency, assistant directed the 2014 PACT Ensemble and presented her solo work “Assemblies For One Body” through the Dance Sites network at Critical Path and Dancehouse.

Rhiannon, originally from Crescent Head NSW studied a BA Honors Dance at the WA Academy of Performing Arts with a minor in Photo-media. Upon graduation she received an internship with the Anouk Van Dijk DC (Amsterdam) and went on to work for Jan Fabre (Antwerp), Odelya Kupperberg (Tel Aviv), Ruby Elderman (Jerusalem) and Chrissie Parrott (Perth). Since 2009 she has had an ongoing creative dialogue with Paea Leach and Jo Pollitt\ which fueled many of her solo processes, such as the “Check Point Solo” presented at the Judson Church, New York 2011. She has been studying dancing with Rosalind Crisp since 2011. In 2013 she was in residence at Movement Research in New York developing her project “Bodied Assemblies” with the support of the Australia Council WACD Initiative. She has continued the development of this project through a residency at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Arts and WA DCA funding. Rhiannon was also a member of the 2013 Eastern European / Australian Choreographic Exchange alongside Matthew Day with independent producer Britt Guy through the IETM network.


Kynan Tan (sound) //
Kynan Tan is an artist who works with digital processes to investigate networks, data transference and relational structures between multiple senses. These works take the form of multi-screen audio-visual performances, installations, 3D-printed sculptures, improvised sound, and kinetic artworks involving speakers, amplifiers and LED lights. Kynan has been the recipient of several fellowships and development grants including a DCA Young People and the Arts Fellowship (2013), Australia Council Artstart grant (2013), and participated in the JUMP Mentorship Program (2012), studying with renowned audio-visual artist Robin Fox. Tan has performed in Japan, Germany and throughout Australia, including events such as Test Tone (Tokyo), Channels Video Art Festival (Melbourne) and the NOW now Festival of Art (Sydney). His works have also been exhibited at MOCA, Taipei, Taiwan, NH7 Festival, Pune, India and the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art.