// Saturday, 6.9.2014 // 20.00 // Mali oder Narodni dom Maribor //



 Pascal Rambert
 Ivica Buljan
 Pia Zemljič in Marko Mandić
Dramaturgy and assistant director: 
Robert Waltl
Sound and space design:
 Ana Savić
 Suzana Koncut
 Mini teater, Mestno gledališče Ptuj, Novo kazalište Zagreb in Zadar snova

What happens when infatuation fades away and love disappears? What to do when two people don’t belong together anymore? When they cannot or will not be in a relationship anymore? Love’s End is an ending of a story. A story about a couple who try to end and to close their shared story. Two excellent actors, Pia Zemljič and Marko Mandić, a couple also off-stage, will close their love relation and partnership on stage. They are driven by rage and an extreme force of separation. Through language and movement the two characters raise a barbed wire between them and they try to save themselves from a whirl to which they were drawn and to which they draw each other.


Love’s End is a text with sublime theoretical motives slithering, as parasites, in love kitsch. It consists of two monologues developing the same speech about a shared life, a drastic break-up and about the horror of the unknown future. Both characters are full of contempt, cold and cruelty. In this duel between a man and a woman, speech is the only weapon; words are like shots and blows of a bayonet. Stan (Marko) starts the dispute, Audrey (Pia) ends it. When one is talking, the other is listening, preying from the thick silence. Due to the physical tension, the spoken dialogue seems as a simultaneous answer to the silence of the mute partner.

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