Preparations for the first season of the new art programme in Maribor will take place from 25 August to 6 September, when a ten day incubator for young makers from Slovenia (April Veselko, Ajda Tomazin, Jan Rozman, Alja Ferjan and Katja Kosi) and abroad (Fingersix collective – Marta Navaridas/ES, Dani Brown/US and Sofia Marvagani/GR, Jess Devereux and Zaimon Vilmanis/AU and Josipa Bubaš/CRO) will take place. The incubator is guided by the logic of supporting and connecting artists of different generations through their artistic processes and presents an opportunity for concentrated and in-depth work. We will get an insight into the artists’ creative work at the concluding event with a working title »Event underneath the City« (5 September), which will be directed by a young director Simon Belak/SLO selected in collaboration with Glej Theatre. The concept of the incubator is further upgraded with the programme Nagib on Stage, which will throughout the season also present the final products of the young artists.

Locations : Vetrinjski dvor and Narodni dom Maribor.

"Underneath the city there is a labyrinth. A labyrinth in time and space. A labyrinth where even before the first turn, all logic gets lost in the darkness and sensuality are all that remain. This is not a show you come and see, this is an impossible world, there for you to explore, or not -- in the labyrinth underneath the city there is an infinity of ways to get lost. And suddenly, just as you become completely lost in the darkness, a beckoning beacon of light at the end of the corner ..." Simon Belak