Avdicija za producente

About artist

Ajda Tomazin (Ljubljana – Slovenia) finished Secondary School of Contemporary dance in Ljubljana (2005), graduated from BA at Academy of Fine arts and Design in Ljubljana (2011) at department for Design, one year studied at Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television in Ljubljana (2009/2010) at department for Film and Tv. Now, finishing Master program of Choreography and Performance at Institute for applied theatre studies Giessen, Germany. Her last project is trilogy Imagination of Expectations; installation Net in Work, performance String Theory and upcoming third part Audition for Producers.
Link: http://ajdatomazin.carbonmade.com


Work in progress:


Audition for producers is a research performance in which artist of 21th century takes a concept of renaissance artist, L’humo arte univerzale. The process of audition is focusing on imagination of expectations of candidates, which are potential for new pieces of art. It is intimate sharing of imagination of expectations and needs, which artist takes in as next step of the project process to new piece of art.
Link: www.imaginationofexpectations.org